Key Performance Indicators KPIs 


Performance Management is critical for achieving organizational strategic goals and objectives, and keeping in mind Continuous Improvement concept for organizational performance is a major concern.

This is done by utilizing best practices and skills in implementing, Performance Measurements, by setting the right SMART KPIs, followed by gathering data and documenting KPIs to evaluate performance overtime which WILL deliver exceptional value, boost performance, and make sure that organizational goals and objective being accomplished.





Anticipated Outcomes 

  • Understand benefits of Performance Management, Continuous Improvement.
  • Show how these activities play a part in helping organization perform at a higher level of effeciency
  • Determine methods for generating and implementing effective performance measures
  • Establishing SMART KPIs
  • Measure and Monitor KPIs
  • Evaluate performance against organizational strategy and competitors.
  • Applying continuous improvement cycle PDCA, depending of benchmarking, and KPIs measurement. 

Training Methodology 

This workshop aims to ensure best retention rate and quick improvement in both employee and work performance within the work place alike, and has been structured in to six modules content workshop with 40 training hour, we will use our customized learning aids like Balanced Scorecards Software, Mind Management, Real and approved project case studies, Bizagi moduler, as well as, serious game and formal real assignment. The workshop modules are developed shown below in the modules section.

Gained Competencies

  • Strategic thinking
  • Strategic planning
  • Performance management
  • KPIs Design, Implenementation
  • Performance Measurements 
  • Data analysis
  • KPIs Monitoring
  • Critical thinking

Key Performance Indicators KPIs Training Modules


Module 1: Introduction to KPIs

  • The value of KPIs

  • KPIs concepts map

  • SMART objectives decomposition

  • KPIs lifecycle.

Module 2: KPI selection & target setting

  • KPIs selection

  • KPIs alignment

  • KPIs documentation

  • Target Setting

Module 3: Establishing KPIs

  • Business case for KPI

  • KPIs implementation

  • KPIs project plan

  • KPIs workshop preparation (data sources, email notification)

  • KPI selection workshop

Module 4: KPIs Selection

  • Value driver concept mapping

  • Defining objectives

  • Value flow analysis

  • KPIs balancing

Module 5: Monitoring KPIs

  • MKPI Measurement
  • KPI documentation
  • KPI data gathering template
  • Data gathering communication
  • KPIs in Context
  • Organizational Scorecard
  • Departmental Scorecard
  • Operational Dashboard
  • Change log

Module 6: Improving performance

  • Generating value from the information gathered;

  • Improving organizational performance;

  • PDCA Cycle

  • Monitor organizational performance.


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