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Why PMP Certification

PMP Project Management Professional Certification is one of the most recognized certificates, passing PMP Certification Exam requires a practical PMP Exam Prep training course using MS Project software to practice real life project management. UTC Consultation provide PMP Exam Preparation training courses in Amman, Jordan, Riyadh, Khober, Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia.

Attending our PMP Project management professional exam preparation training course based on the PMBOK 6th and using MS Project software will help you pass the PMP exam, and to be practitioner, Traditional project management, agile, and blended management methodologies are your win. The PMP Certification exam prep training course modules has been carefully developed, and broken down its modules into six modules to ensure best understanding of the PMP - PMI methodology, more over this Project Management Professional PMP course learning outcomes will cover the missing practices and knowledge in this area.

Project Management is a practice based profession. Project Management body of Knowledge PMBOK Guide is the place where we can find what is new in project management practices. Project Management Institute “PMI” issues this guide. Project Management Institute has been recently issued PMBOK 6th “the latest best practices update. Project Management Professional PMP means that the project manager has passed the PMP exam, accordingly the umbrella of the project management globally ”PMI” will certify that you are professional project manager.

We deliver Project Management Professional Certification Courses in Amman - Jordan, Riyadh - Saudi Arabia KSA, UAE and More.

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Learning Outcomes 

At the end our PMP Certification exam preparation training course, attendees should be able to:  

  • Carrying out projects successfully, within the budget, time, and scope through getting a solid understanding of project management concepts and knowledge.  
  • Build an organizations project management methodology  
  • Provide a formal and ad-hoc consultation, as well as expertise on the project management domain.  
  • Provide training and coaching to the project staff  
  • Proper use of MS Project and WBS Builder  
  • Prepare participant to pass the PMP EXAM  
  • Develop Project Manager competencies  
  • Learn the Agile Practices.

Training Methodology 

This training program aims to ensure best retention rate and quick improvement in both employee and work performance within the work place alike,

it has been structured  six modules content training course with 40 training hour.

We will use our customized learning aids like Project Management Software MS Project, WBS Pro, Mind Management, Real and approved project case studies, as well as, serious game and formal real assignment.

The workshop modules are developed as shown below in the modules section.

Material Provided

  • Power Point Slides (Magic of Project Management)  
  • Project Management Case Studies  
  • Learning Project  
  • Project Management Guide Templates  
  • Project Management Q & A  
  • Project Management Flash Cards  
  • Magic of Project Management (Manual)  
  • Project Management Articles  
  • PMP Exam Simulation Questions  
  • PMP Exam handbook  
  • MS Project 2016 User Guide  
  • WBS Builder Guide  
  • PMP Exam Formula Sheet
  • PMBOK Sixth Edition


Project Management Professional PMP Training Modules



Typically organizations achieve their strategic goals and objectives throughout projects and operations, thus we should make a proper corporate alignment: 

  • Strategic Management Overview 
  • Business Case & Need Assessment 
  • Linking projects to Strategy  
  • Benefit Management  
  • Governance Integration  
  • Project Management Methodologies and Tailoring Considerations  
  • Project Management and Product Development Stages  
  • Case Study


Project is carried out under a unique purposes and different environments and consideration, as per "PMI" project manager should have the required competencies “PMI Triangular”  

  • Overview  
  • Technical Project Management Skills  
  • Strategic and Business Management Skills  
  • Leadership & Team Building Skills  
  • Leadership and Related Skills  
  • Case Study


Project Management is practice based profession, accordingly the PMP certification exam should focus on both practice and competencies. Practicing a real project case using the best learning tool “MS Project“ will help trainees to understand and practice many of the key project management concepts, as well as , prepare them to the PMP Exam preparation and tips Journey ”the next training module”, This module will enable trainees to practice a real case before starting the PMP exam journey.

  • Understanding Business Case, Benefit Management Plan, and Project Charter.
  • Scope Project Using WBS Builder ”WBS Pro”
  • Building Initial Schedule Using MS Project 2016
  • Project Performance Management Baselining Using MS Project 2016
  • Project Progress Up-date Using MS Project 2016
  • Project Status Management Using MS Project 2016
  • Project Change Management Process Using MS Project 2016


Project Manager should be able to manage the project in different environments, thus he should select, tailor the proper project management methodology: 

  • Selection Criteria
  • Agile Method
  • SCRUM Method basics
  • EXProgramming
  • CRYSATL Method
  • FDD
  • AgileUP
  • Scaling Framework
  • Scaled Agile Framework
  • Scrum LeSS
  • Tailoring Basics


Practicing real case over two days will make it easy and make sense, and ensure deep understanding for the common 49 project management processes, as well as understand “not memorize” the PMP exam tips.

  • Initiating Processes ITTO
  • Initiating Processes Practices & Tips
  • Planning Processes ITTO
  • Planning Practices & Tips
  • Planning Assessment
  • Planning Exam Simulation
  • Executing Processes ITTO
  • Resources Management & Project Manager Competencies
  • Executing Practices & Exam Tips
  • Project Executing Simulation Exam
  • Monitor & Controlling Process ITTO
  • Data flow & Project Management Change System
  • Monitor & Control Interaction
  • Project Deliverables Story
  • M & C Simulation Exam
  • Closing Process ITTO
  • Closing in Practice & Tips
  • PMP Exam Tips Review
  • Project Management Professional Simulation Exam


Many project should be managed at Agile environment and practices, this module will provide trainees the proper understanding of how to develop Agile frame work and prepare its environment using the common Agile practices: 

  • An Introduction to Life Cycle Selection.
  • Implementing Agile: Creating an Agile Environment.
  • Implementing Agile: Delivering in an Agile Environment 
  • Organizational Considerations for Project Agility


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